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Correspondence Courses (CC)

Physics Force + Chemistry Chemicon :

Unique correspondence programmes which can be taken up individually or in combination as per requirement. They provide a complete and relevant set of material to crack NEET. This material interacts with you like a teacher, it develops your basic fundamentals and then gradually it improves your speed & accuracy skills.

Success Kit : A special combination of booklets which include exhaustive number of practice problems of various types with detailed solutions. It includes MCQ’s, Assertion-Reasoning questions, Comprehension Passages, Matching Problems, Numerical Grids etc to give you sufficient material for practice.

Compendium : One booklet to cover all important concepts, formulas, short-cuts, tips to revise the whole syllabus in one go.

A sure shot recipe to save time, energy and effort.

Batch Option(s)

Course Commencement (all) : April onwards.

Mode of Admission (all) : Direct Admission.