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FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)


Q1. Is it important to take any coaching from class IX onwards?

Ans.  In today’s scenario many institutes are offering courses for class V onwards. But we feel that class IX is the right stage to start serious preparations for your career. This is important because it gives you strong fundamentals and a relevant exposure to the competitive world.

Q2. Why is it important to study Sciences in class XI & XII?

Ans.   As per our Indian education system we have seen that almost all the successful personalities are from Science background. Also, studying sciences gives the maximum mental development as you can relate it with your daily life.

Q3. Are the Engg./Medical Entrances the only path to success?

Ans. It is not necessary to study only Engineering/Medicine after opting Science stream in class XI. But it is equally true that no other career option except Engg/Med. can offer the same prospects in terms of career graph, prestige and money.

Q4. Is it necessary to take coaching to prepare for Engg./Medical Entrances?

Ans. No, it is not necessary to join any coaching for Engg./Medical entrance preparation. But without any professional coaching, it is very difficult to crack these competitive exams. Coaching is required to provide the right concepts, to clear the doubtful areas, to help you in balancing school studies with competitive exam preparation and to guide you in facing the toughness of these exams.

Q5. What is the right time to join any coaching Institute?

Ans. The right time to join any coaching Institute is from class IX, as you are mature enough to realise the importance of competitive exams. But in any case, it should not be delayed beyond class XI.

Q6. Is it possible to manage school studies along with competitive exams preparation?

Ans. Yes, its definitely possible to manage School & Competitive exams preparation together. It will involve hard work, consistency and discipline but it will pay you highly in the long run.

Q7. How should one select the best Coaching Institute?

Even though this decision is person specific, but we feel that the study result comes on the basis of only 2 factors :

  • Hard work of the Student &
  • Guidance of the Teacher.

Based on this fact, Institute should be such that the teachers are well experienced, stable and take pain along with the student. Also the student teacher ratio should be optimum to provide individual attention.

Q8. Is it not better to join private tuitions instead of a Coaching Institute?

Ans. Private tuitions can help you score better at your school level but for competitive exams preparation, you need to incorporate more of self study after learning the concepts under a systematic, scientific and professional institute.

Q9. How is a Coaching Institute different from private tutions?

Ans. A professional Coaching Institute will offer you an exhaustive and in depth coverage of syllabus alongwith complete study material, testing & evaluation system, competitive environment, library facility etc. A private tution will only provide you with spoon fed learning.

Q10. What are the extra benefits of joining a Coaching Institute?

Ans. At Sehgal’s we offer you real & complete learning alongwith developing your speed with accuracy, intelligent guessing through elimination of options and examination temperament.

  • Besides this you will get complete guidance on time management and how to increase your self study.
  • Under one roof, we help you for School + Boards + Competitive exams in a synchronized way.
  • The teachers are highly qualified and provide personal mentoring for the day to day problems of the students.
Q11. Who are the faculty members ?

Ans. The overall academic control lies in the hands of Mr. Rajender Sehgal, alumni, IIT-Delhi (24 + yrs. experience), HOD Mathematics, who leads a team of ex-IITians/Engineers from reputed colleges/Medical Professors.

Q12. Are they permanent or liable to change ?

Ans. At Sehgal School of Competitions every teacher is a shareholder to retain them and to motivate them to be a permanent part of the institute.

Q13. What is the batch strength ?

Ans. Limited batches with a strength of 25-30 students which gives a feeling of competition and enables individual attention too.

Q14. Is individual attention possible ?

Ans.Our institute is backed by an academician. It is not being run by businessmen. Our interest is to produce the best results for which we are known since 1993 at Sehgal’s, so we do take personal care.

Q15. Is the study material in parity with classroom teaching ?

Ans. The study material is prepared by the same faculty members who teach, to maintain a balance alongwith the classroom teaching.

Q16. What is the credibility of the institute ?

Ans. In today’s date, competition is increasing both ways. In terms of the number of institutes opening up and in terms of the number of aspirants who appear for competitive exams.

In the first case, Sehgal’s has already proved its worth because more than 90% of our students are through references of the old students. It is a pleasure that our students appreciate our quality.

In the second case, Sehgal’s is maintaining a steadily increasing success rate every year with a student base including the average, better and the best students.

Q17. Are the faculty members available besides classes ?

Ans. Separate doubt sessions are arranged at regular intervals. Also, after taking due appointment the students/parents can come & meet the teachers.

Q18. Is the institute giving exhaustive coaching for various exams ?

Ans. We provide all round coaching for School and for all premier Competitive exams.

Q19. What are my chances of clearing through the Engg./ Med. Entrance Exams ?

Ans. We have been regularly maintaining a success ratio of 70-75% every year for Engg./Med. Entrance exams.