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Franchisee Opportunity

Education Industry : Education is must in today’s competitive environment. Due to new technologies and globalization, the growth of education industry is increasing manifold. It has developed and evolved so much that it is one of the leading systems in the world. The complete coaching industry is pegged at Rs. 10,000 crores by ASSOCHAM, while just the JEE / NEET market size is estimated around 30-35% of the total coaching industry.

Enterpreneurial Opportunity : In B or C grade cities usually 6000-8000 students appear in these competitive exams. Approx. 10-15% of these move to coaching cities whereas remaining are left with no option except self study. Here is the opportunity to capture remaining students as our prospective clients. For a good business earning we need to tap only 2% of this market. Also this market is growing at the pace of 20-25% per annum. Even after the new norms introduced to make students give more importance to Class-XII Board exams, there has been no slowdown in this industry.

• Sound financial background, with an investment capacity of 15-20 lac.
• 1500 to 1800 sq. feet of infrastructure.
• Location must be prime and easily accessible.
• Basic amenities like toilets, parking facility, etc.
• Professionals with clear track record of business.

How to Apply

  • Download Form
  • Fill the form and send alongwith the given requirements for processing. After due scrutiny and evaluation of your application, further modalities will be intimated.


Working Advantage :


  • Faculty Selection : We believe that the faculty portrays the image of the organisation and as it involves the career of the students, the faculty must also clear our several tier qualification parameters that involve educational qualifications, past academic record, achievements, work experience, capability checks through aptitude tests, group discussion, demo lectures in front of other faculty members and visiting professors and finally the interview with the HOD and the Director.
  • Orientation Programme for Continuous Training & Development : Once the faculty is selected, there is an Orientation Session which comprises the faculties getting the feel of the environment and the institution’s objectives. A certain amount of time is slotted for reviewing of the teaching methodologies of the institute, awareness regarding the study material, test series and various other activities are introduced to them under the HOD’s supervision. It also includes theoretical and practical training. These sessions are a regular feature as its necessary to be in touch with the latest developments in Engineering/Medical Sciences so as to have latest and updated knowledge about the challenges that lie in front of the students.
  • Selection of Candidates : A comprehensive counselling session is generally organised in four structured phases. Firstly, it focuses on knowing oneself, one’s aptitude and interest, informing oneself, planning oneself and includes a screening test/interactive session. It covers individual counselling which makes a candidate absolutely sure about his potential career objectives and the challenges that lie ahead. Besides, a seminar for parents is a part of the counselling session.
  • Teaching Methodology : Our main stress is towards the fundamentals. Once a students’s basics are crystal clear, creating/generating a problem are all a matter of time and practice. Its a step by step procedure where smaller MCQ’s and Subjective questions are taught, then increasing the level of difficulty slowly and gradually. All this is backed with assignments, tutorials, drillings, All India Test Series which are discussed completely hence leaving no room for doubt.
  • Strong Academic Management : Students learn most efficiently in a well-defined academic system that is adhered to throughout the course of their preparation. The course plan for all our courses is totally structured beforehand. All courses get completed in a detailed manner and perfectly on time.
  • Continuous Evaluation System : One of the most important requirements of students preparing for competitive entrance examinations is to obtain regular and detailed feedback about their performance progress. Hence Tests, Tutorial sessions are held on a regular basis, and detailed feedback on how to improve performance is provided. Features like Daily Class Tests (DCT), homework assignments and regular weekly and monthly tests are a part of all our programs.
  • Integrated Programmes : For any student preparing for competitive entrance examinations, the most significant challenge is to balance the preparation for these exams with the student’s school studies and perform well in both areas. Having guided thousands of students to eventual success over the past many years, we deeply understand this challenge. Therefore, the underlying philosophy in the design of all our academic programs is synchronization of the course coverage in our programs with the student’s school studies.
  • Exhaustive Study Material : We believe that self-study is an extremely important component in any student’s education, and thus we have taken excessive care in designing a very rigorously structured and elaborate study material which is up-to-date with the latest examination trends. Rather than being a compendium of facts and formulas, our study material treats everything from first principles and has been written in a way that makes it sufficient for all needs of the students. It comprises of relevant illustrations and examples and there are many assignments and exercises at the end of each chapter.