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Crack JEE Advanced : Tips for Success in simple words

JEE Advanced Exam is quite challenging, and you must be well prepared to tackle it. It is crucial to have a solid preparation strategy that includes a comprehensive understanding of the syllabus, regular practice, time management and revision. Here are a few strategies that any student may follow to increase their chances of success in JEE Advanced.

1.) Exhaustive syllabus coverage :
The complete syllabus must be covered in full detail and thoroughly revised too. Also keep a check on your strengths and weaknesses and avoid making the same mistake twice. Errors occur when one is not sure, and it is better to avoid it by understanding the concepts well. So, keep a track of mistakes and rectify them by clearing your doubts from time to time.

2.) Measure Daily Progress : It serves 2 purposes-One, the entire syllabus is divided into short term goals that need to be achieved daily, and two, you feel motivated after completing your daily targets. The daily targets can be in the form of the number of topics to be covered or the number of questions to be solved on a daily basis.

3.) Maintain a Subject wise strategy : Always remember that JEE Advanced is an exam where there is a subject wise cut off. It means you have to qualify individually in all the 3 subjects and cross the overall cut off also. So, you can’t neglect any subject.

4.) Maximum Practice in Writing : JEE Advanced exam focusses on testing the candidates’ comprehension, problem generation and application ability. The questions asked in the 3 subjects are of a higher level and focus on checking the analytical abilities. So, you have to solve the maximum number of questions of every type asked in the exam like MCQ’s, Numerical Grids, Comprehension Passages, Multiple Matching Type etc.

5.) PYQ’s : Solving previous year question papers gives a lot of valuable insight about the exam. The question paper pattern, types of questions, preference of topics, subject wise distribution of questions etc. can be gathered by reviewing PYQ’s. But make sure to cover the syllabus thoroughly first, before attempting PYQ’s.

6.) Mock Tests : The more Mock Tests the student will attempt, the better their temperament will be to face the real exam. Mock test provides a virtual exam atmosphere where you can improve the speed and accuracy of solving problems. Also, JEE Advanced is a rigorous exam with 2 papers of 3 hrs each in a single day, so one must develop the sitting capacity also, by attempting Mock Tests.

7.) Positive Mindset : One can appear for JEE Advanced after qualifying JEE Main by beating lakhs of students. So, now you have to maintain a positive mindset, as JEE Advanced is a very psychologically challenging exam too. Hence, you must have the killing instinct to give your best till the last minute.