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Crash course in Punjabi Bagh

Crash Courses are short term courses meant for a quick revision of the whole syllabus under experts. They are meant to crush and bring out your best abilities in a limited time. At Sehgal School of Competitions, we offer 2 such unique courses :

  1. ECC (Extended Crash Course)
  2. CC (Crash Course)

ECC starts post Diwali season and runs till May end to give you a thorough revision of the syllabus. It helps you in overcoming your weaknesses and bridges the loopholes to make you attack the exam in the best way. This course has just started in November. No other institute offers this kind of course and it is suitable for both XII Studying and Pass students.

CC starts immediately after XII Board Exams and runs for 1½ to 2 months. It is a supersonic course wherein the complete syllabus is covered to give you a final polish before your competitive exams.

These courses are immensely helpful for the students who do not enroll themselves in 1 yr. or 2 yrs. Courses and want a final brush up under the guidance of expert faculty. It is a known fact that the syllabus for CBSE and Competitive exams is same, but only by preparing for CBSE, you can’t do justice to competitive exams, so these courses help you learn the following skills :

  • Short cuts
  • Tricks
  • Intelligent Guessing Techniques
  • Elimination of Option Techniques
  • Paper Attempt Planning
  • Tips to maximize overall score

All the aspirants must understand the fact that it is the last lap of the race which defines the winner !
So, one should definitely enroll in these courses to better their chances of success in Competitive exams.

Even if you haven’t prepared for competitive exams till now you must seriously think about joining any of these courses as they will take you ahead in the race for the best rank in Competitive exams.

Our Crash Courses includes a host of benefits besides revision of syllabus under experts. We offer a set of 5 compact booklets which give you a means for time bound revision and practice of relevant and typically exam oriented questions. Alongwith this, a set of 75 topic wise tests and time to time Mock exams on the exact pattern give final touches to your preparation.

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