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As I present this Brochure today, I am also reflecting upon the years that have gone by, where I have dealt with a number and variety of students. But common amongst those who got success is one factor-Discipline. Discipline is not just a quality, it is a way of life. Many of you must be aware that when we assign a score to each one of the 26 alphabets like no. 1 to A, 2 to B and so on, the word Discipline adds upto a total of 100. What a perfect score, isn’t it! Same way if you practice discipline in your life, you will always be a winner !
For being a winner, one more factor assumes huge importance and that is Planning. Any job done without planning is bound to fail. A job well planned is already half done. So give due importance to plan your studies before implementing your study schedule.

If you incorporate these two dimensions in your life, you will see the changes in your
performance in all respects.

You will get many such tips in our Success Planner to boost your performance even further, and we at Sehgal School of Competitions will always be at your side to push you towards Success !

All the best !

Rajender Sehgal