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“The price of success is sustained hard work, unflinching desire, dedication and the determination. When you give your best effort, that is what makes you a winner”

Time Management

Time management is one such factor which affects students’ and professionals alike. It is a very crucial factor because if we manage our time well, both our efficiency and output will increase. The time at our disposal in a day is fixed and we have to plan it well and use it judiciously to maximize our results.

  • First of all, we have to demarcate and cut down on unnecessary and time wasting activities in our schedule.
  • Next we have to ensure that our time should be well defined for various activities rather than multitasking at the same time.
  • Finally we should make sure to finish a task which we have started before initiating any other activity to save our time, energy and efforts.


Speed & Accuracy

This is a very important factor which plays a huge role in the selection in any competitive exam.For the speed part, it is necessary to do a lot of practice work in writing in a stipulated time.Next whenever you attempt any exam, don’t mark your answers in the OMR sheet after solving every question nor leave it for the last moment. The best way is to mark your answers after about 1 hr. of the start of the exam (considering a 3 hrs. exam). By doing so, you can give your full concentration on solving the questions and also avoid reaching a stage where you are not able to mark the complete answers.

For the Accuracy part, there are two likely ways of finding the correct answer :

  • By solving the question
  • Through the process of elimination.
  • If you are confident about the question, solve and get the correct answer, and if you are not sure, eliminate one or two choices by intelligent guessing and analyse the probable answer to some extent.
Study Strategy

A proper methodology to study and the right approach should be the study strategy. First of all, follow only the recommended material and that defined material should be practiced in writing 3-4 times before the actual exam.

You should develop the right attitude because clearing competitive exams alongwith school studies requires a serious commitment and hard work. You should be mentally tough and should smartly balance your school & competitive studies together.

You have to follow a complete exam oriented strategy and study only that much course which is required for the exam, no more and no less. Whenever you practice MCQ’s, don’t mark your answer on the study material as you will require to do the same question again.

After solving the MCQ’s self evaluate them by the tallying with the correct answers. You must include negative marking also. This will help you to correctly monitor your mistakes and progress.