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FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

Q1. Is it important to take any coaching from class IX onwards?

Ans. In today’s scenario many institutes are offering courses for class V onwards. But we feel that class IX is the right stage to start serious preparations for your career. This is important because it gives you strong fundamentals and a relevant exposure to the competitive world.

Q2. Can I score 640 in the NEET 2024 with only PYQ and revision?

Ans. With only 3 months left for NEET 2024, it is not really possible to attain this score just by practicing PYQ. If you have prepared from the beginning and are thorough with the syllabus atleast this stage, then you can.

Q3. Are the Engg./Medical Entrances the only path to success?

Ans. It is not necessary to study only Engineering/Medicine after opting Science stream in class XI. But it is equally true that no other career option except Engg/Med. can offer the same prospects in terms of career graph, prestige and money.

Q4. How many questions must I attempt in JEE Main to get a good rank?

Ans. To secure a good rank in JEE Mains, it’s generally recommended to aim for accuracy over quantity. Attempting at least 45-50 questions correctly is a good target. Focus on the questions you are confident about, manage your time wisely, and ensure a strong understanding of the concepts. Remember, quality performance matters more than the sheer number of questions attempted.

Q5. What is the right time to join any coaching Institute?
Ans. The right time to join any coaching Institute is from class IX, as you are mature enough to realise the importance of competitive exams. But in any case, it should not be delayed beyond class XI.
Q6. Why is it important to study Sciences in class XI & XII?

Ans. As per our Indian education system we have seen that almost all the successful personalities are from Science background. Also, studying sciences gives the maximum mental development as you can relate it with your daily life.

Q7. How should one select the best Coaching Institute?
Even though this decision is person specific, but we feel that the study result comes on the basis of only 2 factors :

  • Hard work of the Student &
  • Guidance of the Teacher.
  • Based on this fact, Institute should be such that the teachers are well experienced, stable and take pain along with the student. Also the student teacher ratio should be optimum to provide individual attention.

    Q8. Is it necessary to take coaching to prepare for Engg./Medical Entrances?

    Ans. No, it is not necessary to join any coaching for Engg./Medical entrance preparation. But without any professional coaching, it is very difficult to crack these competitive exams. Coaching is required to provide the right concepts, to clear the doubtful areas, to help you in balancing school studies with competitive exam preparation and to guide you in facing the toughness of these exams.

    Q9. How is a Coaching Institute different from private tutions?

    Ans. A professional Coaching Institute will offer you an exhaustive and in depth coverage of syllabus alongwith complete study material, testing & evaluation system, competitive environment, library facility etc. A private tution will only provide you with spoon fed learning.

    Q10. What are the extra benefits of joining a Coaching Institute?
    Ans. At Sehgal’s we offer you real & complete learning alongwith developing your speed with accuracy, intelligent guessing through elimination of options and examination temperament.

  • Besides this you will get complete guidance on time management and how to increase your self study.
  • Under one roof, we help you for School + Boards + Competitive exams in a synchronized way.
  • The teachers are highly qualified and provide personal mentoring for the day to day problems of the students.
  • Q11. Who are the faculty members ?
    Ans. The overall academic control lies in the hands of Mr. Rajender Sehgal, alumni, IIT-Delhi (30 + yrs. experience), HOD Mathematics, who leads a team of ex-IITians/Engineers from reputed colleges/Medical Professors.
    Q12. Are they permanent or liable to change ?
    Ans. At Sehgal School of Competitions every teacher is a shareholder to retain them and to motivate them to be a permanent part of the institute.
    Q13. What is the batch strength ?
    Ans. Limited batches with a strength of 25-30 students which gives a feeling of competition and enables individual attention too.
    Q14. Is individual attention possible ?

    Ans.Our institute is backed by an academician. It is not being run by businessmen. Our interest is to produce the best results for which we are known since 1993 at Sehgal’s, so we do take personal care.

    Q15. Is it not better to join private tuitions instead of a Coaching Institute?

    Ans. Private tuitions can help you score better at your school level but for competitive exams preparation, you need to incorporate more of self study after learning the concepts under a systematic, scientific and professional institute.

    Q16. What is the credibility of the institute ?
    Ans. In today’s date, competition is increasing both ways. In terms of the number of institutes opening up and in terms of the number of aspirants who appear for competitive exams.
    In the first case, Sehgal’s has already proved its worth because more than 90% of our students are through references of the old students. It is a pleasure that our students appreciate our quality.

    In the second case, Sehgal’s is maintaining a steadily increasing success rate every year with a student base including the average, better and the best students.

    Q17. Are the faculty members available besides classes ?
    Ans. Separate doubt sessions are arranged at regular intervals. Also, after taking due appointment the students/parents can come & meet the teachers.
    Q18. Is the institute giving exhaustive coaching for various exams ?
    Ans. We provide all round coaching for School and for all premier Competitive exams.
    Q19. What are my chances of clearing through the Engg./ Med. Entrance Exams ?

    Ans. We have been regularly maintaining a success ratio of 70-75% every year for Engg./Med. Entrance exams.

    Q20. Which is the best coaching institute for NEET Preparation in Delhi?

    Ans. The best Coaching Institute varies as per your requirement. It depends on the criteria of a student and parent on the basis of which they will select the Institute. If individual attention and personal focus is your criteria, Sehgal School of Competitions will rank the highest !

    Q21. Should I join JEE Main Crash course?

    Ans. If you haven’t taken any coaching till now, you must join a Crash course for a quick revision under expert guidance. Even if you have taken any guidance for preparation till now, a Crash course will surely help you to brush up the whole syllabus in a systematic way.

    Q22. How to manage both School and Coaching during JEE/NEET Preparation?
    Ans. Both School and Competitive exam coaching can be managed together, if you join the right institute. Most of the Institutes don’t cover the basic fundamentals and straightaway teach the higher concepts for JEE/NEET, because of which it gets difficult for the students to balance their studies. But in Sehgal School of Competitions, we cover the chapter from NCERT before teaching higher concepts. So, our students have strong concepts and are able to manage both the CBSE and JEE/NEET Preparation together.
    Q23. Which is the best coaching institute for JEE Preparation in Delhi?
    Ans. Finding the best Coaching Institute depends on the criteria of a student and the parent. Everybody has a key factor on the basis of which they select the right Institute. We at, Sehgal School of Competitions provide academic focus with individual attention at a reasonable fee.
    Q24. How important is self study for JEE & NEET?

    Ans. Self study is the most important factor to crack any exam. The teachers can give you right concepts and motivate you to use your full potential. But it is only self study which will take you through the process. Without self study and rigorous practice in writing, no one can qualify any exam.

    Q25. Is it possible to manage school studies along with competitive exams preparation?

    Ans. Yes, its definitely possible to manage School & Competitive exams preparation together. It will involve hard work, consistency and discipline but it will pay you highly in the long run.

    Q26. Is the study material in parity with classroom teaching ?

    Ans. The study material is prepared by the same faculty members who teach, to maintain a balance alongwith the classroom teaching.

    Q27. How was your struggle with NEET and JEE Preparation?

    Ans. JEE/NEET are tough competitive exams and require both academic as well as mental strength. If one really wants to score a good rank, make yourself a serious aspirant by working hard and preparing well. This struggle will become a smooth journey, if you do your self study consistently, positively and confidently.

    Q28. Can you guide me for the NEET 2024 1st attempt?

    Ans. First of all, you will get one attempt only for NEET 2024, and you have to make the most of it. Now, with almost 4 months left for NEET UG exam, you have to focus on revising the syllabus quickly. So, make a time table for your self study where you have to focus on all 3 subjects. Try to solve as many PYQ’s and take ample number of Mock tests to build your scoring and confidence.

    Q29. Everyone find organic chemistry easy and scoring but I am not able to score well in it. What should I do?

    Ans. If you wish to score 90% and above in Organic Chemistry, you should follow these guidelines:

    a) Make your basic concepts related to GOC, Isomerism and Hydrocarbons very clear from any fundamental book and practice lots of questions based upon them. More the exposure of questions, more will be your confidence level. Concentrate on small basic concepts carefully and that too always in writing.

    b) Now study other chapters also in similar manner.

    c) Connect the topics to each other so that you can attempt problems related to sequence reactions and conversions.

    d) Always compare their various physical and chemical properties in context with their values, such as acidic and basic nature with their pka and pkb values.

    e) To have a long memory of concepts, keep revising them time and again.

    f) Revise only those things at last minute where you got stuck earlier.

    g) Always follow same book or notes till the end. Never switch to new authors and books in between.

    Q30. What should I do if I am a JEE 2024 aspirant?

    Ans. JEE 2024 1st attempt is around the corner now with exam dates starting from 24 Jan 2024. So,we can talk about the 2nd attempt to be held in April 2024. First of all, give your best shot in the first attempt itself. Then you will know your strong and weak areas, which need to be accordingly worked upon for the second attempt. Also, if you are a XII Appearing student, you will have the Board Exams in between the two attempts. So, revise your XII St.

    Q31. How can I revise and practice questions for the NEET 2024?

    Ans. With 3 months left now, you must be knowing your strong and weak areas, which need to be accordingly worked upon. Also, if you are a XII Appearing student, you will also have the Board Exams before your NEET. So, first revise your XII Syllabus in such a way that it helps you for Boards as well as for NEET. After Boards you can quickly review the XI Syllabus. And keep practicing relevant MCQ’s and PYQ’s to develop speed and accuracy.

    Q32. Which are the most common questions asked in the JEE Mains?

    Ans. The following chapters and topics are a must do for JEE Mains:
    Maths-Simultaneous Equation and Ad joint(Matrices&Det), Parabola and Lines(Area), Linear Differential equation and Number of Solutions (Functions), Greatest Integer Function(Limits), Remainder, Irrational Values, General Terms(Binomial Theorem), Conditional Theorem(Probability).

    Chem-Chemical Bonding, Equilibrium, Electrochemistry, Coordination Compounds, GOC, Hyd.

    Q33. Is it worth taking a second drop for neet 2024? Or should I go for something else?

    Ans. First of all, you should do your best for the upcoming attempt of NEET 2024. Even though you will be already aware of your strengths and weaknesses, but after giving this year NEET, you will be able to analyse your preparation even better. Also, if you are really serious and are ready to work hard for NEET 2025 from the beginning, only then you should drop and prepare for it.

    Q34. Do questions from the JEE Mains come in the NEET?
    Ans. Yes, there is a possibility of JEE Mains questions getting repeated in NEET. Generally, the relatively easier questions asked in JEE in Physics and Chemistry are also asked in NEET.
    Q35. Has "none of the above" ever been the right answer to a question in NEET or JEE?
    Ans. Yes, why not. “None of the above” or None of these is many a times the correct answer. All the options are too close to the correct answer, that at times when you don’t calculate till the end, you may answer the incorrect one.
    Q36. Does the difficulty level of questions in physics and chemistry remain the same in the NEET and JEE Mains?

    Ans. Not really. Only a few questions in JEE which are of an easy or moderate level may match the NEET Level. Otherwise, generally NEET questions are of a relatively easier level as compared to JEE Mains.

    Q37. Are JEE Mains PYQ’s important for NEET?

    Ans. A few questions asked in JEE Mains that are relatively easy can be practiced for NEET Preparation. It is always beneficial to practice PYQ’s, because in case of increase in toughness of  questions asked in NEET, you will be able to attempt them better. There are always a few questions asked in NEET that match the toughness level of JEE Mains.

    Q38. Which is better, JEE Mains or NEET?
    Ans. Better in which respect ! Both are different. If you want a career that should start paying at the earliest, then Engineering is better. Qualifying NEET and studying MBBS only is not enough. It takes a long time for Medical career to start, but it pays in the long run. So, choose according to your interest and capabilities.
    Q39. How many years PYQ’s should be solved for JEE/NEET?
    Ans. One must solve atleast 3-4 years PYQ’s for JEE Mains/NEET Preparation. This is the minimum that you must do, maximum depends upon your capacity and the time availability you have. But remember to solve the PYQ’s after completing the syllabus or the topics thoroughly.
    Q40. What are JEE Mains, JEE Advanced and NEET Exams?

    Ans. JEE is the Joint Entrance Exam for Engineering aspirants. Students who want to do Engineering take Non Medical in XI and give JEE Mains exam in XII. If they want admission in any college except IIT’s, only JEE Mains is to be given. But if a student wants to study from IIT’s, then they have to come in the top 2-2.5L students in JEE Mains merit list. Then they will be eligible to sit for JEE Advanced exam, and those who qualify JEE Advanced can study in IIT. So, JEE Mains is a exam for admission in DTU, NSIT, IIIT’s, NIT’s etc and serves as a preliminary exam for JEE Advanced.

    NEET is the National Eligibility cum Entrance test for studying MBBS, BDS etc in Medical colleges all over India. The students who are desirous of studying Medicine, take Medical stream in XI, and give NEET in XII. Then they can go for MBBS, B.Pharma, BAMS, Nursing, BDS, BHMS, BUMS, Microbiology courses.

    Q41. Can we crack the JEE or the NEET together?
    Ans. It is difficult to crack both JEE and NEET together, but nothing is impossible. A bright and hardworking student can achieve success in both exams simultaneously with consistent preparation and regular self study. It is difficult to manage 4 subjects together, PCMB , but taking Maths with Bio can not only help in Physics and Chemistry, but also open up various career opportunities too.
    Q42. Shall I opt to answer all questions in JEE Mains?

    Ans. No, not really. There is negative marking in the ratio of 1:4 in JEE Mains, so it is not advisable to answer all questions without knowing the answer upto a certain extent. You can do intelligent guessing, if you are not able to reach till the final calculation or you can try to find the correct answer by eliminating the wrong ones. But random guessing is not to be done in case of negative marking.

    Q43. Which is the tough exam out of JEE and NEET, regarding Physics and Chemistry ?
    Ans. The level of questions asked in Physics and Chemistry in NEET is generally easier than JEE Mains. Although a few questions asked in NEET are also relatively tough, but still if we talk overall, NEET Exam is relatively easier than JEE in terms of level of questions.
    Q44. Why is NEET so easy, as compared to JEE Mains ?

    Ans. NEET is only easy in terms of the level of questions asked in Physics and Chemistry, as compared to JEE Mains. Biology in NEET can’t be compared with Maths in JEE. Also, considering the number of seats under NEET, the admission is quite difficult as compared to admission in Engineering colleges through JEE Mains. For a General category student, admission in MBBS in a Govt. College is much difficult as compared to JEE.

    Q45. What is your opinion on the JEE/NEET exam?
    Ans. JEE/NEET Exams are the first best option available to any Science stream student. Both of them are considered to be premier exams, and all students aspire to qualify in these exams to develop a rewarding career. The prospects after qualifying these exams are the best in terms of money, prestige and career graph. The students desirous of cracking these exams must start their preparation from beginning of Class 11th, as the exams are tough and lakhs of students appear for them.
    Q46. What are the biggest lies about IIT-JEE and NEET ?
    Ans. There are several myths about JEE and NEET Exams, like :
    ● These exams are meant for only top students. An average student can’t crack these exams
    ● If you prepare for these exams, you will not have any social life
    ● You will have to go to Kota to qualify in these exams
    ● Only Engineering/Medical colleges graduates can guide for these exams
    ● One needs to solve maximum number of questions to prepare well
    ● Life and career is smooth after qualifying these exams
    Q47. Is NEET preparation enough for JEE Main?

    Ans. Not really. The level of questions asked in JEE are of a higher level than NEET and test you upon the application part of concepts also. And since Maths is not required for NEET Exam, that part also needs to be worked upon. So, only preparing Physics and Chemistry at NEET level can’t be considered sufficient for JEE.


    Q48. Why are JEE Physics questions tougher than NEET Physics questions?
    Ans. It is because of the overall toughness level of the exam, as JEE Main is a tougher exam as per level of questions asked. Also, the usage of Physics in further studies for Engineering students is far higher than its usage in Medical studies. That is why, the application part of concepts is tested more in Engineering studies than in Medical.
    Q49. Why are JEE Physics questions tougher than NEET Physics questions?
    Ans. Considering the number of seats available in Govt. Colleges and the number of aspirants who sit for NEET, the admission is quite tough. Everyone can’t afford the fee of Pvt Medical colleges and with 20-25 lakh students appearing for NEET, the competition gets too tough. And with 180 questions to be attempted in 180 minutes, leaving you with less than a minute for a question, making it a tough exam.
    Q50. What was the most illogical question asked in JEE Mains tiil date ?
    Ans. There may be quite a few such questions which don’t require any logic or application of concepts that have been asked in JEE Mains till now. Most of them may be from Chemistry, and may only require your to cram the minutest details of the topics. Some of such questions were:
    ● What is the hottest region in the flame?
    ● What is the optimum concentration level of lead in drinking water?
    ● Galvanizing is coating of which metal on the surface of other metals?
    Q51. I am in 7th grade, shall I start preparing for JEE/NEET/Any other Competitive exams ?

    Ans. I feel it is too early for any kid to start preparing for Competitive exams from class 7th. According to me, class 9th is the right stage to start your preparation, when the level of study and the level of maturity goes on the next level.

    Q52. Is coaching necessary to crack JEE/NEET ?


    Yes, coaching is required to qualify JEE/NEET. Without coaching, it is not possible for a student to cover the vast syllabus on his/her own. Secondly, it is not possible for a student to find out the relevant material which should not only be exam oriented but also be free from errors. The Coaching institute will provide a proper framework and systematic schedule to a student’s preparation alongwith a regular testing, doubt removal and evaluation system.

    Q52. Is coaching necessary to crack JEE/NEET ?


    Yes, coaching is required to qualify JEE/NEET. Without coaching, it is not possible for a student to cover the vast syllabus on his/her own. Secondly, it is not possible for a student to find out the relevant material which should not only be exam oriented but also be free from errors. The Coaching institute will provide a proper framework and systematic schedule to a student’s preparation alongwith a regular testing, doubt removal and evaluation system.

    Q53. Which is the best book for JEE and NEET Preparation?
    Ans. Even though the best material will be a relevant compilation from various sources as per the latest exam pattern. But still, the best possible books for JEE and NEET Preparation can be as follows:
    Physics-Errorless by Disha Publication and PYQ’s by Disha
    Chemistry -Inorganic Chemistry by Dr. O.P. Tandon
    Physical Chemistry by Dr. P. Bahadur
    Organic Chemistry by Jagdamba Singh
    Maths- JEE Mains and Advanced by Cengage Publication and PYQ’s by Arihant Publication
    Biology-Disha’s New syllabus Objective NCERT Xtract Biology
    Biohack For NEET UG : by Parth Goyal
    Q54. . Who is more frustrated, a NEET Aspirant or a JEE Aspirant?

    Ans. Any one can be frustrated, it is not a matter of JEE or NEET Aspirant. Frustration is generally not because of any exam pressure. It is inbuilt, when we feel we are not able enough to qualify or we have a guilty feeling that we are not doing enough. Only when we do our best possible efforts and still don’t get the desired results, anyone, be it JEE or NEET Aspirant can feel frustrated.

    Q55. . Why questions in Competitive exams are MCQ based only?
    Ans. There are multiple reasons as to why only MCQ’s are asked in competitive exam :-
    1. One of the main reasons is that it eliminates the step markings for an answer. You either get full marks or 0 .

    2. Also MCQ’s save time for both the appearing candidates and the evaluator as candidates can use elimination strategy to answer an MCQ faster and can focus on other questions as they dont have to show steps. For evaluators they just have to mark the right options and not check the steps.

    3. Also marking of steps may differ from evaluator to evaluator and in MCQ there is always one right option, no matter which evaluator is evaluating.
    So in short, MCQ’s are better for both appearing candidates and the evaluators.

    Q56. Why is there more increase in NEET Aspirants as compared to JEE Aspirants?

    Ans. Few main reasons which may be applicable for the rise in NEET Aspirants can be:
    1. Since Covid 19, there is a boom in the health industry opening up various paths for aspirants in terms of career in the Medical Industry.
    2. There has been a 10 % increase in the number of seats for the applicants, hence increasing the chances of clearing the exam.
    3. JEE is being conducted twice a year so if an applicant does not make it in the first attempt , they can appear in the second attempt to better their chances. Hence there are few dropper students as compared to NEET, as it happens once a year only.

    Q57. What are some important Competitive Exams for Science Aspirants?
    Ans. Here is a list of the important exams for Science aspirants:
    1. JEE-For admission into IIT, NIT, DTU, NSIT, IIIT’s
    2. NEET-For admission into Medical Colleges
    3. BITSAT – For admission into BITS
    4. IMUCET – For admission into Indian Maritime University
    5. CUET-For admission in Delhi University
    Q58. How do I choose the best coaching institute in Delhi based on Faculty expertise?
    Ans. Don’t go by the Brand image of the Institute, as it is made through huge advertisements. The tag name of the Institute won’t help you, your result depends on the teachers’ who will guide you. So, always ensure to meet the Faculty members who will teach you, because in Institutes with huge number of students, they only project their top teachers, who will teach in the top most batch only.