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How AITS ( All India Test Series ) gives a big boost to IIT-JEE and NEET preparation ?

This is a very important course, be it for those who have been under coaching for 1 or 2 years or more, and also for those who have prepared on their own and want to test themselves in the real exam environment.

In today’s times, this sort of course is available at various online platforms as well as with all the Institutes also. But the key point to keep in mind is to check the credibility of the source. Merely attempting an exam which is not relevant or exam oriented or is full of errors will start a negative cycle. Instead of evaluating you, it is going to hamper your preparation strategy.So, it is always wise to choose a source which will evaluate you on a level equivalent to the real exam.

We, at Sehgal School of Competitions, provide you the papers which match the toughness level of the real exam. Also, the analysis provided as per your performance is not given in the strength of students’ of Sehgal’s. Rather we provide your ranking in the actual number of students, who are going to appear in the competitive exams that year, which we call the projected AIR. The projected cut-off and Projected Topper’s Marks are also provided to make you analyse your real position in the actual Competition.

AITS gives you a similar environment wherein you can hone your skills to attempt the paper in the best way. But this will only be helpful if you take every exam under AITS in the same manner as you would take your real exam.

Participating in identical test series helps in time and temperament management during the final exam. It helps you to manage the exam fear and pressure in the most effective way. The general mistakes, like failure to apply the right concepts, calculation errors, silly mistakes can be reduced if you undergo AITS seriously. Also remember to always solve the Mock Tests in stipulated time, even if you are repeatedly attempting them at home for your revision.

Also note that participating in AITS without analyzing your performance would not lead you anywhere. Analyze your performance by reworking on all the questions you could not attempt or attempted wrongly. Find out your strong and weak areas, so that you can accordingly plan your preparation for the next test.

In short, Competition is not necessarily a test of knowledge only but also a test of application of knowledge to solve surprise problems with perfect time and temperament management and AITS is a really important tool to do so.

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