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Speed Kills- This is not true everywhere because if you don’t maintain the speed in Competitive exams, then it will cost you your dream seat.
Cracking the Competitive exams depends on both speed and accuracy. You are given 3 hrs to solve 75 out of 90 questions in JEE, which leaves you with around 2 minutes for every question. Whereas in NEET, the scenario is even more difficult. With 3 hrs given, you have to solve 180 out of 200 questions, which leaves you with less than a minute for a question.
So here a few tips to increase your problem solving speed:
● Be thorough with theory- JEE/NEET test your basic fundamental knowledge. So, you need to understand the concepts really well and then solve numerical problems. It will help you in developing speed in solving the problems.
● Formulae on fingertips – You need to memorize the formulas by writing them and revising everyday. It will help you in remembering them when solving questions and develop your speed.
● Mock tests under exam environment – You need to practice a lot of Mock tests under real exam conditions by following the time limit to enhance your speed of solving the questions.
● Intelligent guessing/ Elimination of options/ Estimation of final answer-The questions in Competitive exams can’t be solved by applying concepts only. One needs to use intelligent guessing techniques, find the final answer by eliminating incorrect options and also projecting the final answer by estimation rather than by calculating till the last step.
● Plan and proceed with focus- When you sit for the exam, you need to go through the complete paper quickly to analyse the toughness level and the number of questions you are sure about. This will help you in planning your attempt and a few correct questions in the beginning will give you the required confidence and speed.
● Read Diligently – Whenever you practice questions or attempt any Mock test, read every question diligently and with full focus so that you attempt it correctly and don’t need to read it twice before solving.
● Skip the lengthy questions- Always remember that every question carries equal marks in JEE/NEET. So avoid doing a question which is lengthy and will take a lot of time. Because it might take the time of 2-3 questions, but will give you marks of a single question only.