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How to score well in Organic Chemistry!

If you wish to score 90% and above in Organic Chemistry, you should follow these guidelines:

a) Make your basic concepts related to GOC, Isomerism and Hydrocarbons very clear from any fundamental book and practice lots of questions based upon them. More the exposure of questions, more will be your confidence level. Concentrate on small basic concepts carefully and that too always in writing.

b) Now study other chapters also in similar manner.

c) Connect the topics to each other so that you can attempt problems related to sequence reactions and conversions.

d) Always compare their various physical and chemical properties in context with their values, such as acidic and basic nature with their pka and pkb values.

e) To have a long memory of concepts, keep revising them time and again.

f) Revise only those things at last minute where you got stuck earlier.

g) Always follow same book or notes till the end. Never switch to new authors and books in between.