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Important Physics Topics to Focus for JEE 2018

Dear students please focus on the following points for the preparation of JEE Main and Advanced. First of all, you do practice of few selected books

1. HC Verma, DC Pandey (level-1) for JEE Main with NCERT (additional level)
2. For JEE Advanced DC Pandey (level-2) and rest part.
From these books you repeat twice and thrice. Then you will feel confident you have to practice with vectorial and graphical approach additional vector and graph almost 30-40% questions two chapters likes Rotation and EMI are much important and also difficult and high scoring topics. For these two chapters carry lots of concepts example for conservation of energy, momentum, application of friction, laws of motion, electric current, electrostatics, combination of circuit element etc), that why these are important, some important points are also you have to know, like sign convension for kinematics, mirror as well as lens likes, along the direction of initial velocity signs are taken positive and in the opposite direction sign is taken negative.
For sign convension of equivalent lens position : Left of second lens is taken positive and vice versa. But this method is only applicable for distant object, not for nearer object. So please don’t apply this method, hence you have to apply one by one method i.e., image of 1st lens behaves object for second and lens and its image will be final image. Another area in which you have to do more work like optics specially refraction, interference (YDSE), which are more scorer topics. There are confusion to apply the formula for YDSE based question, so please you remember given points
Dx = path different (unconditional) =
Dx = d sinq   (if D >>l)

Dx = d tanq (for q be small)
Similarly, three chapters like atom, nucleus heat and thermodynamics which are common in physics and chemistry, so you have to focus on these chapters and don’t ignore by teachers generally physics / chemistry teacher is not interested to teach such a topic. Some easy chapters like unit-dimension,
x-ray, semi conductor heat and thermodynamics are easy to practice and also high score topics

Before facing the main paper in examination hall you have to do more and more practice of AITS Series with discipline mode and reduce errors and get confidence and finally all the very best.

Sugriv Kumar

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