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A warm welcome to all parents !

Enroll Your Child Now…

Enroll Your Child Now…

Dear Parents!

You are a unique and the most understanding generation.You are the last generation who listens to their parents, and also the first one which has to listen to their children too. You are not special, you are indeed a limited edition !

P — Pillar of Strength
A — Admirable
R — Role Model
E — Enhancer
N — Nurturer
T — Tolerant

Even though your ward must be under huge technology influences and immense peer pressure, you have to act as a guiding light for him/her to come out as a strong individual. This holds true for academics and for life as a whole too. If your ward is studying in class IX to XII or passed out of XII this year and has to develop a career in the field of Sciences, then you need to be even more alert.



As one of the oldest Coaching Institute in the field of Engineering and Medical Entrances preparation, there are a few areas where we wish to share our experiences with you :


  • Importance of Studying Sciences
  • Importance of Coaching
  • Right Stage to Start Coaching
  • Role of Parental Support



It is always advisable to study sciences in XI, XII as it gives the maximum mental development where one can relate the subjects with one’s daily life. Also, after studying Sciences, the student’s broaden their horizon and a lot of opportunities of the other streams also are open to them.

Excellence Coaching, Helping Students Shine

Coaching is definitely important for serious preparation for competitive exams. The earlier the student starts, the better it is. It gives strong fundamentals and a relevant exposure to crack the competitive exams in the first attempt. Coaching provides the student with the right concepts, clears the doubtful areas, helps the student to balance School studies alongwith Competitive Exam preparation and guides them in facing the toughness of these exams.

Helping students help themselves

According to us, the right time to join Coaching Institute is from Class IX, as the students’are mature enough to realise the toughness of Competitive Exams. In any case, one should not delay it beyond class XI, as these Competitive Exams judge the students on the syllabus of Class XI + XII.

Parents are the ultimate role models for children

Parental support, presence and motivation is very much required for the success of the student. Parents’ are the eyes of the Institute at home. Without their constant supervision, it is not possible to push the student in the right direction. The role of the parent goes beyond admission formalities and fee payment as they are one of the pillars on which the result of their wards depend.

So, it is essential for the parents to keep a vigil on the activities, study pattern, behaviourial activities of their ward. When the student chooses his/her goal, it is the responsibility of the parent to constantly motivate him/her in the right direction, without pampering them. There is a thin line between pampering and motivation which needs to be taken care of by the parent.

How to select a Coaching Institute

Who are the faculty members ?

Are they permanent or liable to change ?

What is the batch strength ?

Is individual attention given priority ?

Is study material in parity with classroom teaching ?

What is the credibility of the Institute ?

Is the Institute giving exhaustive coaching for various exams ?

What is the past performance of the Institute ?

Is the school study taken care of by the Institute ?


Sehgal School of Competitions is functioning since 1993 in the field of JEE/NEET Coaching and provides various courses for class IX, X, XI, XII, XII Pass students.

We synchronise the CBSE + JEE/NEET preparation, so that the student can excel in both the areas. We are being led by Mr. Rajender Sehgal, ex-IITian, who looks after the complete academic control for the overall betterment of the student.

Our team comprises of highly experienced faculties who are stable throughout the academic session and provide a personal focus to each and every student as per his/her potential.

We would be happy to interact with you on a one to one basis for judging the real level, interest area and IQ of your ward for his/her further progress.


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We at, Sehgal School of Competitions prepare the aspirants to face the challenges of Engineering and Medical Entrance examinations with complete knowledge and courage.


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