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Mistakes you are making while preparing for NEET

The important thing to keep in mind while preparing for NEET is to give due emphasis to NCERT books for all the 3 subjects.

Next area which needs to be taken care of is to give equal emphasis to all the 3 subjects. One can’t ignore the numerical part of Physics & Chemistry also. Besides being fully clear on the concepts and basic fundamentals, one has to specifically devote time and energy on solving numerical questions.

Another crucial area is Time Management. NEET is one such exam where you are tested on 180 questions in 180 minutes. Even if you plan the paper for 5-10 minutes, you are left with less than a minute for each question. So, only being thorough in your syllabus is not enough. You have to apply the gained knowledge in stipulated time also. So, here it is important to practice Previous Year Question Papers in defined time. It will not only help you gain confidence in terms of knowledge, but also develop your temperament for the exact exam format. The practice of previous year questions will also help you understand the pattern and trend of the paper. It will help you know the topics which are the most important and least important as per weightage of questions asked.

Apply the right strategy with ample problem solving, keeping in mind that about 70-75% questions account for about 500-550 marks and these include easy or medium level difficulty questions which can be solved with basics at right place and proper revision. The rest depends upon your ability to recognize and apply your knowledge to difficult questions.

One should focus on solving maximum questions on the studied concept from the very beginning. It will help you prepare every topic upto the best extent. Decide on the books and material once at the beginning of your preparation and then focus on the same material only throughout your preparation.

In Biology, 65-70% of the things rotate around NCERT. So give due emphasis to NCERT coverage.Diagrams need to be revised with full concentration, as they are an important part of the subject. If we talk of selective preparation, then Genetics, Human Physiology, Plant Physiology and Reproduction are the units which hold maximum weightage and cannot be ignored at all.

Final step revision is very crucial for your success and work on the following areas for the maximum output :

  • Speed and Accuracy — Manage your time to attempt the most and get the most !
  • Mock Tests — Solve them within the exam duration, and not as a Question Bank.
  • Doubt Clearing — However small or trivial your doubt may be, clear it at the same time for the best learning.
  • OMR Usage — Try to do all self-practice also on OMR sheets to avoid any careless or stupid mistakes.
  • Analysis — Only practice and attempting Mock Tests is not going to serve the purpose. Analyse your attempt after every exam. See where you went wrong and why and try to better it in the next exam.
  • No to Energy Suckers — Avoid Cellphone, Computers, Social Media as far as possible. They start with 5 minutes and stretch to hours taking away valuable time and energy.

Hope that you will work on all above mentioned areas to improve your performance to the maximum extent.

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