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Myths About JEE That You Need To Know

There is a huge hype made about Engineering and Medical Careers, as if they are the only option available for Science students. So, let’s clarify a few myths which are more heard of about JEE:

1.) Stiff competition for JEE Mains and Advanced :
– Even though lakhs of students appear for JEE, but all the students who fill up the form and appear for the exam are not your competition. You are your first Competitor. First of all, you need to better yourself everyday. And your competition is with those who are really serious for the exam, not all who just appear for it.

2.) No social life : It is not true that if you prepare for JEE, you will only study and have no social life left. It is a matter of time management and effective self study which will leave you with sufficient time for other activities. But yes, your main concern and focus should be on your studies.

3.) Focus on Strong subject only : Only focussing on one or two subjects is not going to help you much. You have to give proper time and attention to all the 3 subjects, i.e Physics, Chemistry and Maths.

4.) Preparation for Boards and JEE is same : Even though the syllabus is same for both, but still the approach and pattern for both the exams is different. So, after development of your concepts for Board Exams, you need to attain the higher concepts and application part to crack JEE.

5.) Lot of Reference Material needs to be covered : It is not required to cover too many books or material for preparation. Doing a relevant set of material and practicing it 3-4 times will give you the edge rather than doing from too many books.

6.) Only solving PYQ’s is sufficient : This is a big myth that if you start solving PYQ’s straight away, you can complete the preparation easily and quickly. It is dangerous to solve PYQ’s without proper coverage of syllabus. First you need to prepare a chapter completely and then solve PYQ’s from that chapter. Otherwise it will demotivate you.

7.) Average student can’t crack JEE : It is not only your IQ, but also your attitude and your willingness for hard work that will take you through. So, even an average student with right guidance and consistent self study can surely crack any exam.

8.) Lucrative Salary Packages : The placement drives and colleges highlight the best package grabbed by a student. But the real scenario has many students with average packages and many who don’t get a good placement offer. So, even after qualifying and going to a good college, you have to maintain your studies and CGPA to get a good salary package.