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Reasons for Failure in Competitive Exams

There can be several reasons for failure in Competitive exams and they differ from aspirant to aspirant. Listed below are some of the reasons which become a major factor as to why aspirants fail to crack competitive exams :-

1.) Time management :
– Both during writing the exam and while preparing for the exam, aspirants fail to manage their time in a more efficient way. As the competition is rising day by day managing time becomes even more important.

2.) Lack of consistency : One of the major factor contributing to failure in competitive exams is lack of continuous efforts. Most of the competitive exams happen once a year, so what happens is that at the beginning of the session aspirants give in a lot of efforts but seeing that the exam is far away, the effort starts drying up and eventually the syllabus is not covered timely, and hence the failure.

3.) Less information about the Exam : Most of the students who appear for the exam have very less knowledge about the exam. They just read the syllabus and start preparing for it & every exam is different and there are certain topics that are more frequently asked than the others and hence need more practising.

4.) Assessment and Evaluation : While preparing for a competitive exam, it is very important to know as to where you stand in accordance to the competition and for that you need to know as to where you are standing at that point in terms of your competition.
5.) Stress Management : Also while preparing for competitive exams, students do fail to address the pressure that comes with the preparation which eventually hampers the performance in the final exam.

6.) Lack of Proper Guidance : A right Coaching Institute is crucial for the Competitive exams preparation. Without the support of suitable mentoring, it is difficult to qualify in Competitive exams.