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Role of Attitude for Success in Entrance Exams

The two factors responsible for success are — Aptitude & Attitude. Aptitude is a natural ability to do something, which is God gifted. Attitude is a way of thinking about something, which is person dependent.

Aptitude can’t be changed to a large extent whereas Attitude can be positively changed to any extent.

It is very important to understand that Aptitude plays no role in changing your Attitude. Whereas with a change in Attitude, your Aptitude and Performance is most likely to raise.

Real success is less about results and more about the process of achieving your goals and dreams. So, attitude plays a major role in defining success in terms of creating a positive impact on the result.

“Pleasure in the task puts perfection in the work”. This statement shows the importance of Attitude and show how it makes a very big difference in the magnitude of success. Aiming to attain success, without a positive attitude, takes you nowhere.

A positive attitude comes with interest. If we talk about competitive exams, they are tough and require a serious commitment. Not all students who qualify these exams get through by virtue of their genius. It is by sheer “Hard Work and Positive Attitude’ that these competitive exams can be cracked.

Positive attitude means aiming high and being focussed enough to maintain your willpower to achieve the same. If you have a positive attitude, you will concentrate deeply to plan your studies with a proper strategy and accordingly achieve high results.

Positive Attitude is not just a quality, it is a way of life. It is not limited to studies only, it proves beneficial in all aspects of life. We will see that when we assign no. 1 to A, 2 to B, 3 to C and so on in the series of alphabets, the word Attitude adds up to a total of 100. What a perfect score isn’t it ! Same way, if we develop positive attitude in life, we will always be a winner !

To conclude, Success in Competitive Exams is not only a matter of knowledge or IQ but also a test of attitude and grit. It needs to be searched with hard work and a courageous attitude. If you make discouragement and failure your stepping stones, you will surely achieve success !

At times, even with less IQ, we can grow ourselves to become the person who can accomplish a tough goal with the help of a cracking attitude. It is the attitude only which guides us to try just one more time at the point where we feel like quitting.

Finally, developing the right attitude is a consistent process which will shape our destiny.

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