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Role of Self Study in Achieving JEE AIR-1

When we talk about study or education, more than 70% of the output is defined by self study only.
Bur then also it is quite difficult to attain JEE AIR-1, only on the basis of self study. One may be able to crack JEE on the basis of self study alone, but AIR-1 seems far fetched.
Here again, it will be important to mention that, generally it is seen that students from rural background or those with limited means are able to achieve such accolades. The students in metropolitan cities have so many diversions, that even with coaching or under expert guidance they are at times not able to achieve the goal.
So just by self study, a student will miss on the direction on which he has to proceed. He/she will not be able to compare his/her performance with other students. There will be absence of a mentor who can provide motivation and counseling. There won’t be a system to assess the progress through tests. And who would the student turn to, in case of doubts.
To conclude, it is really difficult for an average student to attain AIR-1 on the basis of self study only. The coaching institute will help the student not only in academics but also in developing the right temperament to face the exam with full confidence.