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Strategy to prepare for NEET 2019

First of all, keep the syllabus prescribed for NEET 2019 handy.
Secondly, fix a time table for self study and follow it regularly, without any major changes.
Thirdly, NCERT should be the base book along with one reference book per subject, which should be keenly followed.
Fourthly, MCQ practice must be self evaluated by tallying with the correct answers and including negative marking also. This will help you to correctly monitor your mistakes and progress.
Finally, attempt relevant Mock exams to mentally prepare yourself for the Real exam. Last 100 days before the exam are vital and a thorough knowledge of the concepts is a must for NEET preparation.
When you are attempting for the first time:
This is the case of too much to be done in less time. You should start with clearing the concepts of every topic followed by MCQ practice. Ensure that the reference book being followed for MCQ’s has solutions with complete reasoning and explanation. Also select a book with minimum errors. Finish the syllabus in this way and then practice previous year papers to develop speed and accuracy. Try to attempt Mock exams under actual exam conditions in terms of timings , rules and regulations etc.
When you are attempting for the second time :
Identify your mistakes and work hard to improve them. Find out where you went wrong last time and rectify the same. Don’t feel over confident or superior than others. Don’t get lenient, fine tune your practice and crack the exam.

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