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When I joined Sehgal School of Competitions, my weak subjects became strong. Before Sehgal’s I was very weak student but I wanted to improve my self. The teacher’s were very helpful and friendly which helped me to clear my doubts. The study material that is provided is very helpful especially in building concepts. The library provided a huge number of books which helped a lot during my studies. The atmosphere in the class room is very lite so that student’s can clear the doubts at any instant. The Mathematics teacher,RajenderSehgal Sir guided me during my studies and also helped me a lot. The Physics faculty was very easy going and lenient and helped me to clear my doubts. The Chemistry teacher was very helpful. The extra classes that are provided are very helpful and helped me to speed up my preparation. The all India test series (AITS) helped to me to realise where I was lacking andhow to perform well in my next Exam’s.

DTU, Computer Engineering.