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Things to avoid a day before the Final Exam

Your study schedule should be in sync with your exam time at least a week before your final exam. It means you have to stop late night studies, so that your brain is the most active in the morning and in sync with your actual exam time.

One day before the exam, do minimum studies. Do not think too much about the exam. Give the exam with a relaxed mind. You have to avoid mental exhaustion. Relax and unwind, both mentally and physically. It is more important than ever to take care of yourself before the exam day. Eat well, sleep peacefully and get enough exercises.

One should not read or do anything new before the exam. Don’t indulge in negative thinking. It affects both your preparation and mental stability.

Avoid the following activities a day before exam :

♦ Cramming — Instead of cramming, space out your studying into several short sessions to boost your long term retention and reduce exam anxiety.

♦ Diet change — Eat healthy and light food but within the parameters of your usual diet. If you change what you normally eat, it could impact your ability to focus.

♦ Night out Studies — A good night’s sleep is not just necessary before the day of your exam, but its also crucial that you get enough sleep in the days prior to the exam too.

♦ Going unprepared — Besides study preparation, you must also remember to carry all the documents and accessories required to appear in the exam. So to avoid any test day roadblocks gather all the items you will need the night before.

♦ Panic — Remove your fears and anxieties. Relax by playing a game to feel refreshed and calm.

♦ Intense Exercise — Strenuous exercises should be avoided. You should not feel tired as it can divert your focus.

♦ Caffeine — Too much caffeine (coffee) can add to your stress and disrupt your focus. So better be hydrated with more water intake.

To conclude, when you are preparing in the final stages, try to simulate the environment as far as possible to match the exam environment. Avoid a highly relaxed or soothing environment, as it may not bring out your best performance in the actual conditions.

Finally, don’t underestimate yourself. Feel confident and expect positive results. Don’t get into comparisons with your peers and do not predict the future negatively. Laugh a lot and sit in the exam with a calm mind. GOOD LUCK !

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