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Time table of a JEE Aspirant!

There cannot be a single time table that can apply to everyone. One has to consider his/her own constraints before making a time table. Also, it needs to be considered, whether we are talking of a XI/XII/Dropper student. So, here we will outline general criterion which should be taken care of while making a time table for JEE aspirants.

Depending upon the class of study of the student, one must study on an average for 6-7 hours per day. This schedule can vary as per different days for school going students, as they can study for more hours when they don’t have school and can alter their schedule on those days when they have only School/School+Coaching. But it must be noted that we are talking of self study hours here, not what you study in School/Coaching.

For a XII Pass student, average hours of self study should vary between 10-12 hours per day.

Besides making the time table, it is equally important to stick to it for a certain period of time. After that, one should analyse the pros and cons and alter it accordingly for the next period. To draw out maximum hours of study time out of a day, one has to avoid diversions of all kinds, be it friends,computers, TV or social media.

Always leave time for revision and practice in the time table for best results. One must eat healthy and also keep room for exercise, rest and rejuvenation time.

To conclude, always be positive and believe in yourself to attain the best results out of your efforts.

Good luck!

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