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Tips to memorize faster for Exam !

To memorize faster and in an effective manner, one has to integrate or join what one is studying with what one already knows. We will be able to remember the new facts or material better, if we can link it to something that’s already meaningful to us.

Secondly, Parting is an effective way to simplify and make information more meaningful. For eg : If you want to remember the colours in a Rainbow (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet) – You would be required to memorise 7 parts of information in order.But if you take the first letter of each colour, you can spell the name “ROY. G. BIV” and reduce the information to 3 parts which can be memorized easily.

Other way, we can use Mnemonics. For eg, to remember a formula or equation, we may use letters of the alphabet to represent certain numbers. Then we can change an abstract formula into a more meaningful word or pharse and can remember it better.

Sound alike associations can also be used by creating own links, so that we have less chance to forget them.

If we organize the information, it is recalled better and in a systematic way. We can :

  • Make outlines and summaries.
  • Group information into categories.
  • Draw matrix or flow charts to organize information.
  • Review the information and give spacing in between the study schedule to recall it in an effective manner.

Also remember that the fundamental of all the memory training is the creation of interest, and we can develop the interest with Concentration. We have to develop our Willpower for our Aim and Motivate ourselves to study with a proper Strategy.

It can be done as follows :

  • Analyse yourself through the questions at the end of the chapter.
  • Carefully analyse the graphs, diagrams, charts, illustrations etc. as they include all the important highlights of the chapter.
  • Highlight the words and phrases that bring out the crux of the chapter.
  • Revision is a must and should be regularly done in an integrated way.
  • Balance and organize your complete study material, be it text books, notes, worksheets, practice material, question papers etc.
  • Read fast as it helps improve your memory retention and concentration. You can move your finger under the lines of the text to enable your eyes to move faster.

So, take control of all the things you have to do and then identify the most important areas to be worked upon, so that you can attack in a prioritized manner. And always remember to avoid mental exhaustion.


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