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Tips to strengthen Physics for IIT-JEE

Physics is one such subject which requires good conceptual clarity, strong visualisation and sufficient practice to master it.

One can follow HC Verma for the first level of preparation for JEE and take it further with practice from DC Pandey for JEE Advanced.

If we look at Physics from Chapter wise point of view, one must have strong concepts of Vectors and Graphs. All questions in Physics rotate around these concepts.

To develop strong application portion, one has to develop good concepts in Kinematics, Rotation, Work Energy Power, EMI, Potential energy. Potential energy tests you a lot on the application part.

From scoring point of view, Modern Physics, Heat and Thermodynamics, Units and Dimensions, Interference (Wave optics) are the most scoring topics, as they are more conceptual and make less use of application portion.

So, follow the above tips and these will definitely help you in making your subject strong.

All the best!

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