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Which exam is harder to Crack-JEE or NEET

Even though both the Entrance exams are tough to crack, here is a comparison between them through various criterion:

1.) Tier :
JEE comprises of two exams- JEE Main and JEE Advanced, whereas NEET is a single tier exam. To study in IIT’s, one needs to qualify both JEE Mains and Advanced.

2.) Syllabus : The syllabus for JEE is more vast as compared to NEET, because JEE includes Maths, instead of Biology in NEET. Maths is tougher as compared to Bio, and is more time taking also.

3.) Pattern :
Let’s look at the pattern and number of questions asked in all these- JEE Mains comprises of 90 questions, out of which 75 only are to be attempted in 3 hrs.
JEE Advanced will have 2 papers in a single day of 3 hrs each that will include 54 questions each.
NEET is a 3hrs exam including
200 questions out of which 180
are to be attempted.

4.) Number of aspirants :
12-13L students appear for JEE Mains, out of which top 2.5L are only qualified to appeared for JEE Advanced. Whereas for NEET, around 22-23L students appeared.

5.) Number of attempts :
JEE Main can be attempted thrice and Advanced can be attempted twice only, whereas there is no limit on number of attempts for NEET.

6.) Fee :
Even if a student doesn’t get a Govt. College under JEE Main, the fee of Pvt Colleges is still bearable for middle class. But the fee of private Medical colleges is too high and maximum people can’t afford it.
To conclude, no exam is easy to crack, but consider the factors given above alongwith your interest and then take up a suitable career choice.