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Why Mock Tests Are Essential For NEET Preparation

Mock tests are important for every Competitive exam, as they help in developing the right temperament to face the actual exam with full confidence. The following are the reasons why any serious aspirant should attempt various Mock Exams.

1.) Gives you an idea of the actual exam :
Mock Exams are very similar to the actual exam and are curated by experts, who have followed the pattern of previous exams and have the experience to understand the methodology followed in the actual exam. Giving NEET can be an overwhelming experience, with the time limit, the pressure of competition, the concentration required, etc. Solving Mock papers will give you an idea of the kind of questions that can be expected on the exam day, and how to attempt them in the best way. Mock exams not only help you to develop Speed and Accuracy, but also develop your exam temperament. The same kind of environment helps you develop the sitting capacity, brain functioning and reduces your nervousness to face the actual exam.

2.) Time – Management : When you start giving mocks, you will realize that you have spent way more time on certain questions that was not necessary. Sometimes, you might not even be able to finish the required number of questions because of this. Giving mock exams will help you to learn to allocate appropriate time to each question, to know which ones to solve, and which ones to skip.

3.) Analyse Your Preparation and Performance : Mock Exams will give you a reality check on how effective your preparation is. Repeated tests help you remember the concepts better and to develop the skills to apply the concepts faster in a more accurate way.

4.) Helps in setting the correct strategy : You can plan and implement different strategies in each of your Mock exam, and implement the best one during the actual exam. It helps in developing your speed, when you attempt same kind of exam in real exam environment, again and again.

5.) Helps you to know how to use time efficiently : Solving maximum number of Mock Exams will give you an idea of how fast or slow you are. When you solve Mock papers, you will get to know your strong and weak areas better. Once you solve several papers, you will know which section is your strength and which is your weakness. It will help in boosting your preparation further and will help you to target your self study in the right direction.

6.) Confidence Building : When you solve enough Mock Exams, you will know what it is like in the actual exam. When you score well enough marks, you would also have the confidence that you will do well in the actual exam too.

7.) Actual Progress : Mock Exams will help you keep an eye on how your scores have been during the progress of your preparation. Just by studying or learning the concepts, you cannot know whether your preparation is moving in the right direction or not. Only by taking several Mock tests, you will know your real position. You can know your mistakes and start working upon them.

To conclude, Mocks are as important for your overall preparation as learning the basics. Try to not be overconfident in your abilities, if you score well in one or two mocks. Solve as many mocks as possible.