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Foundation Programmes (FP)

Excellent programmes for those who wish to begin early for sharpening their skills for JEE/NEET. These
programmes provide a more detailed insight into CBSE syllabus + competitive exams. These programmes lay
a solid foundation to prepare for them . Alongwith that, these programmes help you prepare for NTSE,
Olympiad, JSTSE level exams also.

Batch Option(s)

Regular Batch : Classes 3 days a week, of one hour per subject each day.

Weekend Batch : Classes on Saturdays and Sundays every week other than vacations.

Course Commencement : March onwards.

Duration : 250 hours.

Course Highlight : This course is specially designed for effective utilization of time and to develop the
seriousness required for preparation of forthcoming challenges. It covers your CBSE curriculum and also
gives you strong wings to fly high for top ranks in competitive exams.

Mode of Admission : STSE to be held October onwards.