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Why Chooses SEHGAL School of Competitions ?

Highly experienced, well qualified & stable faculty.

A consistent, result giving faculty team who takes pain alongwith the students.
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Best and relevant study material

An exhaustive, relevant, exam oriented study material compiled in parity with the classroom teaching.
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Group Discussions

Self confidence is the key to success. If we know our concept well and are able to deliver it well, it goes into our blood and remains with us forever.
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Doubt clearing sessions

Regular discussion of doubts is very crucial for the clarity of concepts and we ensure the smooth functioning of this
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Ability Batches

A unique batch for more academic betterment for extra ordinary students based on monthly performance.
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Personal monitoring

A constant vigil and monitoring is maintained on the students to draw out the best result out of them.
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Individual attention

We maintain limited batches and the strength per batch is also kept at an optimum level to pay individual attention to all students.
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Career Guidance from Experts

We provide counselling for choosing the best career option/stream/college till the student gets admitted in the respective college
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