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Success Stories


Saurabh Sachdeva


I had been an average student when I joined Sehgal School of Competitions for 2 years Integrated Course for JEE preparation. I had scored around CGPA-8 in Class X and joined Sehgal’s for CBSE+JEE Coaching.
I had no clear aim till then but inspired by my elder siblings who had cracked JEE under the guidance of Sehgal School of Competitions, I also joined here to try my luck.
Looking back, I feel that I was average in terms of knowledge or concepts, but I was ready to follow the guidelines given to me. In retrospect, I feel I had the ‘Can Do’ attitude where I was ready to work hard and improve upon my weaknesses.
I agree that I was diverted because of a lot of friends and mobile usage etc. but under the consistent inspiration from my siblings and the constant supervision of my best mentor, Mr. Rajender Sehgal, Director, Sehgal School of Competitions, I worked upon my diversions and overcame them with my persistence.
I was always focused towards my School exams but under regular interactions with Sehgal Sir, I managed my self study to crack both Boards and Competitive exams.
My Physics was weak, Chemistry-ok, and Maths had been strong. With Sehgal Sir’s strong belief in my abilities and my consistent emphasis on NCERT Text books, I was able to develop strong concepts and crack both Boards and JEE.
With the regular guidance and attention from the Institute, I developed my willpower to avoid the family functions and get togethers as far as possible and devote maximum time to my studies, which gave me success finally.
So, I would like to suggest my juniors to have faith in their capabilities and devote their full interest into studies. Because its not only aptitude or knowledge that counts, attitude also plays a very important role in success.
Also, choose an Institute which is able to focus on your strengths and weaknesses and devote attention towards your progress. Don’t just run after tag names, focus on choosing a good Institute which provides individual attention like Sehgal’s.

Boards-95% Mains-173
Phy-95 Maths-58
Maths-95 Chemistry-84
Chemistry-94 Physics-31
Computer science-96