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Common Mistakes to watch out for in your first NEET Attempt

1.) Not following NCERT :
The biggest mistake for NEET preparation is not following NCERT Books and emphasising on other material. NCERT must be thoroughly covered before following any other books or material.

2.) Focussing on only one subject : Students think that if they focus on the subject with maximum weightage, it can bring higher scoring. But this is their biggest mistake. There is no subject wise cut off in NEET, but then also you need to perform in all the 3 subjects to attain the best score. Only preparing for Biology or Chemistry, will not solve the purpose.

3.) Studying from too many books or material : Since NEET is a tough exam, students have this misconception that studying from more books will make them well prepared, which is not the case. It is better to follow specific material alongwith NCERT and do it 3-4 times, rather than doing from various books.

4.) PYQ’s : Solving a complete PYQ without full coverage of the syllabus is dangerous, as you may get demotivated if you get a low score. Only after you have fully covered a topic and done sufficient practice on it, do the PYQ’S from that topic.

5.) Mock Practice Tests : Mock exams are a must before the actual exam. You must take ample number of tests before your real exam. If you avoid test papers because of the fear of low scores, you will never be able to develop the right temperament to face the real exam with full confidence.

6.) Lack of Focus and Excess of Diversions : If you don’t prioritise your studies and don’t do your self study regularly with full focus, no sort of guidance or coaching can help you. You have to forego the diversions, and utilise your time effectively. Consider a situation, where you are wasting your time and another NEET aspirant is using that time for getting a higher rank.

7.) Doubt Solving : NEET is a tough exam, subject wise as well as number of seats wise. So, be prepared to face academic as well as psychological difficulties. So, never hesitate to ask teachers, parents or friends for help. It will help you in keeping your interest alive and lighten your pressure too.

6.) Negative Thinking
Don’t fear negative thinking, it is just thoughts that you have made up in your mind. They may or may not be true, since those are thoughts not reality. So, it is better to feel positive and good . It will help you proceed with confidence.