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How “Foundation Course” helps you to stay ahead of competition.

Without a strong FOUNDATION, nobody can rise till SKY HEIGHTS. To achieve a specific goal, determined focus with a combination of guidance and assistance by experts is extremely IMPORTANT.
A wonderful time for Class IX and Class X students to effectively utilize their time and develop seriousness required for preparation of forthcoming Engineering/Medical Entrance Exams.
Benefits of Foundation Course: –

  • It helps you to begin early for sharpening your skills and to make your base really strong in Mathematics & Science
  • It provides a focused approach and a solid base of SOUND ACADEMICS
  • It prepares you for IX and X examination simultaneously for JSTE, NTSE and KVPY and further polishing your study skills to get highest score in Engineering/Medical Entrance examination.
  • Most importantly, it evokes a sense of discipline, regularity in studies which eventually helps a student to carve his own path for achieving his goals.
  • It imbibes a culture of professionalism and systematic approach towards his/her studies

When the ROOTS are STRONG
The RESULTS are bound to be GREAT
Have you ever seen a plant with NO ROOTS? ALMOST NEVER. Why we chronologically study and start from Class I as that is how the things are meant to be.

 In the same way, to understand the concept of subjects related to our senior classes, a student has to be thorough with Foundation Classes like IX and X which will help the student achieve a good All India Rank for easy admissions in esteemed colleges. We at Sehgal’s emphasize on proper planning, rigorous practice, and regular test to keep a check on performance of individual student. The Foundation Course at Sehgal school of Competitions.

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