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How Personal Counselling can improve the performance of the student ?

Our Director, Mr.Rajender Sehgal, alumni, IIT-D, feels that “ Success lies in paying attention to each and every aspirant who comes to us, and we have to make sure that we have to give shape to their dreams.

Another element vital for the performance of the student is meticulous attention to details and that is why, our students are imbibed with a sense of inquiry and are taught that ‘it is the little things which make the big difference’.

What matters according to us, is the active participation of the students’ in the class. Few places like Sehgal School of Competitions allow for so much personal counseling and intellectual freedom.

Personal Counselling is really important to improve the performance of any student, as every student is a case study in itself. Every student has his/her strengths and weaknesses and needs to be polished according to that.

So, we make sure to guide the students’ on the following areas to bring out their best as per their potential.

  • Choose the perfect guide-We guide the students’ to enroll with an institute which will have time and individual focus for them. We guide them to look for their own positives and negatives and accordingly choose their mentors. They must remember that there is too much competition, to allow anybody to have an edge over them.
  • Make a tailor made plan-It is important for the student to make his/her self study plan and stick to it for best results. So, we guide them as per their school and batch schedule regarding the time management strategy to be followed.
  • Identify your weak areas-Through personal counselling, we motivate the student to find out his/her weak areas where they need to work harder.
  • Interact with fellow students-The students’ are personally monitored to foster healthy competition amongst themselves. They are made to understand the importance of group discussions to help them increase their knowledge base and to keep them updated on the extent of competition also.

COUNSELLING-Each letter of the word Counselling has a beautiful purpose :

C-Caring                                                                                       E-Exclusive

O-One to one touch                                                                   L-Leading

U-Unique                                                                                    I-Illuminating

N-Navigator                                                                               G-Guidance

S-Self Realisation

To conclude, personal counseling can help students’ remember the strengths they have, identify the specific problem they are experiencing and determine the direction they need to move in to resolve that problem.

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