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How to keep yourself motivated after a failed attempt in JEE ?

First of all, every dropper student needs to find out the real reason why he/she is dropping a year ?

If you are dropping for the right reasons i.e., you feel you deserve a better seat or you are sure to achieve a better rank next year, then you are already on the right path.

Motivation is one such quality which has to start from inside. There has to be an inner spark which will be ignited further from outside. So, be sure of yourself that if you are devoting one full year to your preparation, you are positively going to better your attempt. We have to only remember to not repeat the same mistakes again.

I would share a story of 2 Dropper’s here:-

(1) One student got a rank of 8000 in JEE Advanced 2016.

(2) Second student didn’t qualify JEE Main 2016.

First student is a good student in the books of all his teachers and they are expecting a rank in Top 1000 from him in his second attempt.

Second student is an average student and no one expects him to qualify JEE Advanced.

Both the students’ are doing the best possible preparation as per their respective potentials.

The second student has a differentiating quality of asking each and every doubt from his teachers. Whether the doubt is small or big, he makes sure to clarify it from his teachers. Both qualify JEE Main and progress further with their preparation for JEE Advanced.

As per their last year attempt and the progress in this year, not many expectations are attached with the second student’s result.

JEE Advanced 2017 results are :

First student :  AIR 6000

Second student :  AIR 9000

So, we can see here that with Humility, Sincerity, Perseverance even an average student can perform well.

One also needs to find out the best time for self study for themselves to attain the maximum output :

                        Morning Risers                   Night Owls

                        Fresh energy                         Inspired energy

                        Group studies                       Silence and solitude

                        Natural Process                    Less distractions

We must understand that our aim to achieve the best rank requires the maximum possible marks. So, we need marks ! Always remember to solve the easy questions first. If there comes a question you know but you can’t solve at the moment, then leave it for later. Don’t make it a matter of prestige. We need to increase the number of questions we attempt and also reduce our negatives. It means we have to increase the accuracy percentage also.

To keep yourself motivated, you have to be realistic and have to practically analyse your level and accordingly set your target. One has to give equal emphasis to all the 3 subjects if one is aiming at JEE Advanced. For JEE Main the priority order can be relaxed by giving maximum emphasis to Chemistry, followed by Physics and then Mathematics.

Also, manage your time well to keep yourself motivated. Keep time for relaxation and your passion areas too.

Avoid Social Media, family functions and get togethers. Be focused on your goal and don’t get diverted by other people views.

Don’t get depressed if you have too many doubts. Only those who do self study in the real sense, have doubts. So however trivial a doubt may be, always clear it with your teachers. This will keep you motivated as you won’t do superfluous studies.

Give Mock Tests and analyze your attempt to find out your weak areas and then work upon them.

Complete your syllabus well in time to keep sufficient time for revision. Don’t consult too many books. Focus on the defined material and practice every question 3-4 times in writing to gain confidence.

To conclude, I would say that a failed attempt also shows you the weak areas which need to be worked upon. So, utilize this knowledge and proceed ahead with confidence in your abilities.

All The Best !

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