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NEET 2019 Analysis

Physics-Around 55% questions were asked from XI Curriculum and 45% from XII Curriculum. There were more questions from Work, Power, Energy and Optics this year, as compared to previous years. The questions asked from Optics, Modern Physics, Electrostatics, Magnetism were of average difficulty whereas questions from Rotation, Heat, EMI were of good level. The questions asked from Current were below average.

Chemistry-Overall it was an easy paper with nearly 60% very easy questions. Weightage of XI and XII was almost 50-50. More than 50% paper was based upon straight facts from NCERT. Major emphasis was on fundamental concepts and not on complicated problems. Few chapters like Thermodynamics, Chemical bonding and Equilibrium were given more weightage. Overall this year pattern required attentive study of NCERT with few additional concepts.
Biology-Around 52% questions were asked from Class XI Curriculum and 48% from Class XII Curriculum. The percentage of Botany was around 66% and Zoology around 34%. The main focus was on NCERT concepts. Most of the questions were factual and straight forward. Around 14-15 questions were tricky, but could be solved easily if the basic concepts from NCERT were well understood.